ICT industry 2011

A starting point for an overview of the industry in Australia is the ICT Statistical Compendium published by the Australian Computer Society.

ACS 2011 ICT Statistical Compendium summary:


Value of digital economy is $100 billion

Revenue of ICT industry - $82 billion Flat year on year
ICT demand forecasts 14,000 jobs in 2012 and 21,000 jobs in 2013 Jobs demand in ICT growing
University ICT annual enrolments down in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA & TAS  National enrolments less than half the number of a decade ago
ICT workers in Australia – 554,700 Steady + 1.7%
Temporary ICT migrants to Australia – 8,530 Decline of 25%
ICT R&D - $5.2 billion Increase of 20%
ICT exports (excluding re-exports) - $4.5 billion Flat + 0.13%

Australian ICT Industry 2011:

Download the whole document: ICT Statistical Compendium 2011

The file is made available here because of temporary broken links on the ACS web site.