Membership policy

Three levels of membership are available: authenticated users, authors and editors

Authenticated users

Authenticated users can comment on most content, create forum topics and vote on polls.

Authenticated users can self-register by creating their own usernames and passwords or by authenticating through their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.


Authors can contribute content of almost any type to NetFluency including technical papers, histories, statistics, blogs, poll topics and albums.

Authors can edit and delete their own content.

Authors must be approved by the website administrator.


Editors can create, edit and delete content. This will usually be done at the request of or in consultation with authors and content creators. In the case of inappropriate content editing or deletion may occur without consultation.

Editors must be approved by the website administrator.

Cancellation of an account

Members can cancel their accounts at any time. All of their personal profile information will be deleted from the website. Any content which remains undeleted at the time of cancellation will be attributed to "Anonymous".