Should Australian IP and copyright law be tightened?

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Australian law should align with US law
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Australian law should be tightened to protect Australian companies
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Australian companies should not rely solely on patent law to secure their long term success
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The 2012 Australia 3.0 Forum included intellectual property as one of its enabling platforms with the following words:

Intellectual property including copyright – businesses will only invest in new ideas if they are confident they will not be pirated – what policy changes are needed for this to become a reality?

Some observers are nervous that ever-tightening and increasingly punitive US patent and copyright laws are a factor in stifling Australian investment or making it much more expensive. For example, witness the titanic patent battles between Apple and Samsung, and the acquisition by Google of Motorola Mobility, essentially for its wireless patents.

In this litigious environment "patent trolls" have found a viable niche - companies which make their money by enforcing IP rights despite having no capability or intention to develop IP.

Others are opting out of the patent game, except in narrowly defined applications, and are joining the global open-source movement to provide well supported platforms for their technology.

Many companies rely on niche specialties and speed to market to gain business advantage.