Privacy policy



  • NetFluency is affiliated with other sites and service providers to deliver the best service result.
  • NetFluency may forward enquiries directly to the most applicable specialist or service provider.
  • It is made clear on NetFluency contact forms which service provider will be addressed.

Spam protection

  • NetFluency uses an external service provider (Mollom) to protect the site from spam.
  • The Mollom service analyses messages to NetFluency and uses statistical and other methods to reject messages which are machine generated, malicious or abusive.
  • Mollom necessarily collects and analyses personal and other information including name, email address, message content and originating IP address.
  • Message content is retained by Mollom for a maximum of two months after which personally identifying information is destroyed.
  • Anonymous data is kept for two years.
  • The content of messages to tens of thousands of web sites is used to refine the algorithms.
  • The Mollom service is used by over 50,000 sites including Sony BMG, Fox News, Warner Bros Records and The Economist.
  • Mollom is subject to and complies with the strict data protection laws of the European Union.
  • The above information is an overview only. For full information see the Mollom Privacy Policy.

Social media

  • NetFluency uses social media services for user authentication, if the user so chooses. The service provider conveys from the user's account to NetFluency a username, a user image and a user profile to the extent authorised by the user. The user may delete this connection at any stage by visiting his or her user account.
  • A user, anonymous or authenticated, may link NetFluency content to his or her social media account. No identifying user information is collected by NetFluency or conveyed to a third party in this process.
  • NetFluency also has accounts with social media including, but not limited to, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter. Public information about followers of NetFluency on these services is visible to the public, NetFluency and to the service provider.

Third party services

  • NetFluency uses third party services to undertake some functions for the site including web site usage analysis, multi-media processing and others. With the exception of the Mollom service for spam protection and social media services described above, no personal or personal identifying information is passed on to such service providers.


  • NetFluency sets cookies on visitors' browsers to manage visitor sessions. No private information is collected or used by NetFluency except to managed logged-in users. No private information is collected about anonymous visitors.


  • Advertisers and advertising intermediaries may also set cookies on visitors' browsers for the purposes of advertising management.
  • NetFluency does not collect nor pass on any information which would allow any advertiser or intermediary to personally identify visitors.