M2M is an acronym for machine-to-machine communications but might be better described as device services, ie, management of devices for industrial applications such as one might imagine in manufacturing, mining and agriculture. Of course there are government and household applications as well. Another name is the Internet of things.

ICT industry 2011

The ACS 2011 ICT Statistical Compendium values the Australian ICT industry revenue at $100 billion, R&D over $5 billion and employment over 500,000. The productivity of the sector and its contribution to the productivity of the whole Australian economy makes it worthy of detailed and critical analysis.

NetFluency goes live today

NetFluency is a web site built on the open-source content management system, Drupal. In this first content on NetFluency I will develop a proposition that the ICT industry in Australia could greatly enhance its added-value to the Australian economy if it transitioned more broadly to open-source platforms for delivery of ICT services.